Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm so happy to see Jill........

I met this amazing girlie during "Into the Woods" at the Alliance Theatre......and am sooo blessed to have her in my life!!  She is the most optomistic, positive, (although ridiculously cheerful in the a non-morning person that is....:), wonderful and as you will see, beautiful lady!!

We have been planning this headshot session since about December and finally, finally made it happen.  We headed down to our favorite side of town, took about 600 pictures, just beat out the rain, and then rewarded our hard work with our most favorite dish at Highland Bakery.  And some coffee.  And some cinnamon donuts.  Headshots are hard work.

It was a fun morning with one of my most fav people ever.
I love the gorgeous brown eyes and the amazing smile......


                                              can't forget the coffee......... :)

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